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Winter Outings


Snowshoe Hikes

Just because "Old Man Winter" is upon us, doesn't mean we have to give up enjoying the beautiful outdoors!  Some of the most scenic and beautiful adventures await you once the snow falls and the temperatures dip, creating beautiful winter wonderland landscapes.

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There are many winter pleasures available to those of us who love the outdoors, especially during times when there's snow on the ground. For more than a few of us, snowshoeing is a favorite way to have a wonderful time enjoying the winter woods, following beautiful snow-covered trails through hilly or mountainous terrain.

While it may not be as sexy as downhill skiing (since it doesn't involve high-speed thrills) -- or even cross country skiing -- snowshoeing is safe and a terrific way to get a major workout, although it can also be done in easier, less intense ways.  It's a tried-and-true means of getting around in the snow on foot.  And more than a little fun!

In snowshoes almost any hiking trail or other path through the woods or mountains can become a suitable trail. Many of us prefer to avoid exceptionally steep or rocky trails in snowshoes, since negotiating steep inclines can be extra challenging. Thankfully there are lots of less extreme trails to choose from in our area.

Like hiking, snowshoeing totally immerses us in the natural world, an especially easy place to shed stress - where it's peacefully quiet and there's endless beauty to inspire us around every bend of the snow-covered trails. Along with the splendid scenery of a snowy, wooded landscape, we sometimes see wildlife and winter bird-life.

Anyone who can hike is capable of hiking in snowshoes - there's little to learn.  All you have to do is strap/buckle/snap your snowshoes onto your hiking boots and you're ready to go.  The only requirement is substantial snow on the ground, preferably a foot or more.  Some years there's plenty of snow for snowshoeing in the areas of the Tri-State region for weeks on end.  Other winters snow is much more intermittent, and we have to seize the opportunity when it comes.

*Snowshoes and hiking poles are NOT provided for this course.  Please see below for necessary equipment required prior to registration.


Preparing for a Snowshoe Hike

We can’t wait to have you join us!

But before you do, please check out the list below to make sure that you are prepared. This is for your safety as well as your fun factor!


- Snowshoes

- Snow pants or athletic pants (NO cotton or denim)

- Waterproof footwear

- Synthetic or merino wool base layer

- Waterproof jacket

- Thermal mid-layer

- Gloves and/or mittens

- Winter hat

- Synthetic or wool socks


- Backpack

- Sunglasses

- Sunscreen

- Trekking Poles (highly recommended)

Food and Water

- 2 liters water

- Lunch/Snacks

*Please contact us directly at 314-303-1254 with any questions/concerns prior to registration.