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Mountain Biking Skills

Don't learn by crashing!!

Experience the thrill of mountain biking with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructor by your side!  In our beginner clinics, participants will first be evaluated to be sure their bikes are set up correctly for them.  Saddle height and tire pressure, for example, make a huge difference in riding and handling.  Fundamental techniques will be taught and reviewed in a logical, step-by-step process,  building a solid foundation of skills to apply in any riding situation.  You’ll practice these necessary techniques on the trails in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere.  Even those with prior mountain biking experience will benefit from a better understanding of these “foundation” skills and how to consistently apply them on the trail.

Skills covered in this course will include:

- Basic bike setup and fit.

- Essential mountain biking attire and gear to prepare you for a day out on the trails.

- Proper bike mount/dismount technique.

- Core body positioning in and out of the "cockpit" for control and balance.

- Shifting and braking techniques.

- Turning with proper entry and exit techniques to maximize your "carve"!

- Ascending and decending techniques.

- Mastering terrain obstacles.

- More advanced technical skills to maximize your efficiency on the trails.

- Proper trail etiquette and communication for safety.

... And finally, we'll practice all these new skills on a great trail ride, where you can apply all your newly-learned skills!

*Recommended for those 14 and older; those under 18 must be accompanied by parent or responsible adult. No rider will be left behind!

*Mountain bikes and helmets are NOT provided for this course.  Please see below for necessary equipment required prior to registration.


This course runs as a public, group outing, but may also be taught as a private program for you, your family, or a group of friends, with custom dates and length appropriate to your needs. Call us with any questions at 314-303-1254 or email via our CONTACT page.


Preparing for a Mountain Bike Ride or Skills Lesson

We can’t wait to have you join us!

But before you do, please check out the list below to make sure that you are prepared. This is for your safety as well as your fun factor!


- A mountain bike in good, safe working order

- A helmet that fits properly

- Eye protection (goggles, sunglasses, prescription glasses)

- Hydration pack or 2 water bottles


It is highly recommended that riders who would like to participate in a ride or skills clinic have been performing cardiovascular workouts at least two times per week for four weeks prior to a ride.*


- Riding gloves

- Padded bike shorts

- Stiff-soled shoes (light or low-top hiking shoes) or cycling-specific shoes.

*Please contact us directly at 314-303-1254 with any questions/concerns prior to registration.